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What are instances?

An instance is created each time you install an app from our Store. An instance is a fully-fledged container containing your own copy of data related to that specific app, such as its javascript, html, css and media files. This container transparently runs on a compatible backend, which is able to serve contents to any http client, device or browser.

How can I install an instance?

You need to browse the store and choose an app. Once you install the free trial, an instance of the selected app is deployed to your cloud panel. When installation completes, you will receive a welcome e-mail with links and credentials to manage your fresh new instance.

How many instances can I have?

There is no limit: for each app you may have unlimited instances. You may use distinct instances to isolate customers, or deploy to different geographic locations.

Should I pay for my instance?

Instances are provided for free for 30 days. This free trial period may be useful to check if the app effectively suits your needs. When trial expires, it is possible to extend it, from your instance control panel.


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