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What are pages?

A page is the means to reach your customers globally. Creating a new page with id helloworld, also means creating a new store page at

What a page consists of?

- page id: also used as the store page url.
- name/title: a name for your app
- description: a description of your app features and the services you optionally would like to provide to your customers, like support or maintenance as example
- media: a logo and a set of pictures taken from your app
- script: the script to instruct Smileupps on how to deploy your app when customers click the Install button in your store page
- e-mail: the template of the e-mail to be sent to your customer after successfull installation

Is my page immediately available in the store?

Your page won't be listed on Smileupps Store Index until publication. When you are satisfied with your page, you can ask us to publish. Please note: before publication, your page is not indexed but is still available by knowing its url. This gives you the option to test it deeper on behalf of a customer, or invite only selected known customers, sending them the url.